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Sept. 13th 2019!!! COME RUN IN THE LIGHT OF THE MOON!!!

  • To win, you must cross the finish line closest to midnight without crossing it too early.
  • No timing devices allowed. You start when you think your pace will get you to the finish line at midnight.
  • All the money goes to the Mapleton Parkway Trail! Phase 3 will connect to the Spanish Fork trail!
  • There will be a party after with prizes, drinks, food, etc... and we will supply glow in the dark lights for extra fun!!!

*Prize for BEST costume!!!

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Parks & Recreation Department Staff

Stacey Child, Parks & Recreation Director
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Christy Young , Secretary
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Stephney Cobia , Secretary
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Logan Miner, Recreation Coordinator
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Niel Burt, Parks Supervisor
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Jake Bills, Parks Personnel
(801) 806-9114 or [email protected]

Mission Statement

Our mission is to continually strive to enhance and sustain the quality of life and encourage healthy lifestyles for Mapleton residents through exceptional recreation programs, parks, events, and trails.

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