We are currently experiencing problems with the website and the registration software. If you need to reserve a venue please contact us by phone 801-806-9114.

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Department Hours & Contact Information

Open Monday -Thurs. 9am-5pm
125 West 400 North, Mapleton, UT 84664
Call us at (801) 806-9114
Fax us at (801) 489-5657

E-mail: parksandrec@mapleton.org

Parks & Recreation Department Staff

Stacey Child, Parks & Recreation Director
(801) 806-9114 or parksandrec@mapleton.org

Christy Young , Secretary
(801) 806-9114 or parksandrec@mapleton.org

Stephney Cobia , Secretary
(801) 806-9114 or parksandrec@mapleton.org

Logan Miner, Recreation Coordinator
(801) 806-9114 or lminer@mapleton.org

Niel Burt, Parks Supervisor
(801) 806-9114 or parksandrec@mapleton.org

Jake Bills, Parks Personnel
(801) 806-9114 or parksandrec@mapleton.org

Mission Statement

Our mission is to continually strive to enhance and sustain the quality of life and encourage healthy lifestyles for Mapleton residents through exceptional recreation programs, parks, events, and trails.

Contact the Parks and Recreation Department with questions regarding any of the following:

Parks / Recreation Programs / Reservations / Community Classes / Concerts in the Park /  & Special Events

For detailed information on senior citizen programs CLICK HERE