sun and jazz



The class is approximately 55 - 60 min. The class consists of a warm-up segment, an aerobic segment, an aerobic cool-down segment, a full body muscle-toning segment with weights & floor work, and a final cool-down/stretch segment. Each participant will also receive a workout guide pamphlet. For ages 9yrs. old and up.


 MWF 8:00am - 9:00 am

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:00 am - 9:00 am at the Mapleton City Center bldg. (125 W 400 N)


$25 / month or $3 / class.

NO online registration is required.

Come to class, sign the role and a waiver, pay your fee, and start enjoying Jazzercise!

What to bring:

 3-5 lbs. weights

 Water bottle

 A yoga / exercise mat


Nancy Jasperson has been a resident of Mapleton for close to 10 years. She has taught Jazzercise for 32 years. Jazzercise is an aerobic exercise and a great way for residents to be active and healthy.