1. During the registration process for your child mark "willing to coach" (please DO NOT mark if you are only planning to assist.)
  2. Read the following documents:
  3. *Fill out and return to our office Coaching Right to Access Waiver & Risk Ack.  along with a copy of your drivers license.


Marking the "willing to coach" box allows us to identify potential coaches. This is not a guarantee that you will coach.


How to access your roster online.

Go to and log in to your account (the one you used to register) or go to and click on sports registration then log into your account.

1.Click on the “My Activities” along the top of the page.

2.Then under Family Members select your name; under Type select sport; under Activity select what you want to look at IE. Coach girl’s 2nd If you are not seeing your name in the Family Member box:

  1. You may have multiple accounts in the system and you are not logged in to the one where the registration was created.
  2. You are not linked to your family's account properly in the system.

Please contact Sportsites directly @ 1-888-600-6100 for log in problems.