The VIP Special Needs Sports League in Mapleton City is a unique organization that serves children and adult’s ages 5-22 who have any mental and/or physical disabilities. For the children involved, this program allows them the opportunity to participate in the great games of baseball, soccer and basketball that all their friends and siblings are doing without feeling left out.

In this program the children are assisted by “peer buddies” that volunteer from the community, church groups, and a private school for the treatment of troubled teens. The buddies assist the players in batting, catching, running, kicking, shooting and scoring a win each and every time. 

This program services a wide range of disabilities including children with walkers and wheelchairs. For children with disabilities there are not many sports programs available that is able to adapt to their special needs. Our program services children from all over Utah and Juab counties.


The cost per child is only $15.00 per sport.

Fee covers;

  • Uniform
  • Pictures
  • Trophy or medal

and lots of unforgettable moments.

VIP Image

Available sports

  • Basketball -  January - February
  • Baseball - June
  • Soccer - September - October

The cost is supplemented through Mapleton City and private donations. On any given day or night, in this League, there are always a lot of smiles from participants, family members, and volunteers.

For more information on playing or to donate to our league please contact Keri Beardall @ 801-489-7411 or Mapleton City Recreation @ 801-806-9114.