Sports League Information


If a Coach Preview is required, then it is a draft league.

*NO BUDDY or COACH REQUESTS are allowed*

  • Registered players and coaches are required to attend a Coach Preview.
  • A coach preview consists of several drills relating to the sport.
  • Coaches access and score the skill level of registered players attending the preview.
  • All coach scores are averaged.
  • Coaches will draft players onto teams based on averaged scores.
  • This method is used in an effort to keep skills levels comparative among all the teams.


  • Buddy requests and coach Requests are allowed.
  • Requests should be made at the time of online registration.
  • We do not guarantee requests. (Requests are allowed as a courtesy. We do our best to fulfill requests, however, this is not always possible.)
  • You may only request up to 2 buddies and/or a specific coach

If you request your child to be with a friend, that friend also has to request your child. (i.e Max Jones requests to be with Charlie Smith, Charlie Smith must request to be with Max Jones.)