Community Center

Community Center

125 W 400 N Mapleton, Utah

View availability and reserve

View availability and reserve

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Memorial Hall

Located at the NE corner of the City Park

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View availability and reserve

Park Pavilions

Mapleton City currently has a gazebo & 5 park pavilions available for rental.

Mapleton City Park

Maple Street & Main Street

East & West Pavilion Gazebo

North Park

1403 West 1600 North

East & West Pavilion  

Harvest Park

700 South Autumn Drive




How do I reserve/ rent a venue?

  • Venue reservations may be done online. Visit the specific venue page under RESERVATIONS to view availability, pay, and reserve a venue online.

Is there a deposit fee?

  • There is no deposit fee with rentals. The full rental fee is due at the time of the reservation.

Can only Mapleton residents reserve/rent a venue?

  • Venues are available to residents and non-residents of Mapleton.

How far in advance can I reserve/rent a venue?

  • Venues are available to rent for each calendar year starting Jan.1st. Example: Venue reservations for 2015 are available starting January 1st, 2015. * Reservations require a minimum of 48 hours prior to the reservation date.

Need more detailed information?

Please visit the RESERVATIONS link for each venue for more detailed information or click on the "contact us" button for the Parks and Recreation Department.