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1st grade Clinic 2022

Mondays 5:30 pm or 6:30 pm * Please only attend your assigned time.

Jan 24th - March 7th NO CLINIC Feb 21st

Hobble Creek Elementary


Mapleton City Recreation

General School Gym Use Guidelines


We are very fortunate to have the great opportunity of using the gyms at Hobble Creek Elementary, Mapleton Junior High and Maple Ridge Elementary.  Nebo School District guidelines require that we are responsible for supervising the gyms, bathrooms, and hallways during games and practices.

In order to respect our relationship with the school and avoid any problems, all siblings and children not playing or practicing with a team must stay with their parent or adult in charge of them at all times. No one should be on the stage (Hobble Creek, Maple Ridge), playing the piano (Hobble Creek, Maple Ridge), playing around the water fountain, or in the lobby areas or halls. There are several items hung on the walls of the schools; these should not be touched.

If your child brings a ball, please hold it or leave it in your vehicle while instruction is being given or the game is being played. This helps the coaches and players in hearing the calls or instruction and eliminates confusion. DO NOT allow children to play in or run in the halls or the gyms during instruction or games.

Please do not bring food or drinks (water is allowed) into the gym. Please pick up the trash that you and your family create while at the gym and throw it away in a trash can. This will help keep our gym clean and more enjoyable for everyone.

We appreciate your support, understanding, and cooperation in maintaining the gym. If we all work together, we will ensure the future of our programs.

Thank you!

Mapleton Parks & Recreation